Del Xiloscent

Level 11 Sorcerer


Stats (including equipment mods):
Cha: 22
Con: 16
Dex: 15
Wis: 14
Int: 9
Str: 4
Base AC: 15
Regular HP: 90
Cha: 10
Con: +7
Dex: +2
Wis: +2
Int: -1
Str: -3
Wand of the Warmage: +2 spell attack, spell attacks ignore partial cover (total spell attack +12)
Magic flaming dagger: 1d4
2 +1d4 fire, fire bolts deal 3 extra damage, +6 to strike
Wand of Magic missile (level 1): 3 charges, refresh once/day, last charge and crit fail=break


Backstory: I come from a human family of farmers. I stood alone against a skeleton that wandered towards my village and destroyed it. In doing so, I discovered that a necromancer was operating in our vicinity and alerted my village. We were able to kill the necromancer and his undead army. Unfortunately, this necromancer was allied with the tyrant ruling my region, and the tyrant started to hunt me down. As a result, I fled my homeland and became an adventurer.
Love interests: Freya Amakir

Del Xiloscent

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